Things I Love Thursdays TILT 01

New series?! Let’s see if I can even semi-attempt to maintain this! But hey, more gratitude is always a positive thing. I’m going to try to always pick five things that I am happy/thankful for and loving!


  1. — Discovered this from my favorite Tim Ferriss. Basically, this is a way to track habits that you want to start. I have quite a few goals, some more ambitious than others, and you can set it to send you reminders via email or on your phone app whenever you want. Then you can “check in” when you succeed for that day. For the uber disciplined, I get that you don’t need something like this, but for me, I love the feeling of getting to check off something, and this app totally appeals to that side of me. Some examples of goals I have (ideas to get you started) include: not biting nails (ugh my worst habit), meditating, cooking dinner, cleaning for ~15min, calling my parents.
  2. Anatomy — I’m taking my anatomy elective right now, and guys, I love it. There’s just something so therapeutic about spending time with a cadaver and discovering the mysteries of the human body. I’m currently taking the head and neck course (hmm, can you figure out what I’m specializing in?). My dissection partner is also hilarious.
  3. Cleaning maintenance — A hint of this above in #1, but basically, I’ve been obsessed with trying to clean my apartment (and also looking forward to eventually living on my own because I am about at my wit’s end with messy roommates). I am trying to spend at least some time every day to tidy up SOME area. Usually I clean by DIVING in, but that always takes so long, so I’m working on doing a little bit at a time. So far, I’m loving my results because my room has probably managed to stay the cleanest it’s been for the longest period (same for my kitchen).
  4. Full Metal Alchemist — I finished “House of Cards” last week, so I’ve had a relative “void” in my TV show life as my fall shows are slowly starting back up. Several of my friends have recommended FMA to me for a number of reasons (the mythology, its messages about humanity, and my old roommate LN thinks I look like Lust). Thankfully, this is on Netflix so it’s pretty easy to marathon. I am a closet anime lover, and while I’ve seen less than 10 episodes, this is totally something I am enjoying.
  5. Sunny days — As someone on the east coast, we were “hit” by Hurricane Joaquin last week-ish, and just as I was resigning myself to the cold, the sun came out again! The past few days have been in the 70s, and I am so happy. In the end I am totally a west coast girl, I think! I’m trying to enjoy these last few warm days as much as I can.

That’s it for this week, folks! Over and onward. Quick fourth year update- my specialty has not started sending out interview invites yet, which is frustrating because literally everyone else I know has scheduled at least one interview. It helps that I’ve received a few emails from programs at least TELLING us that we should not expect to hear from them until November.