Goals for M4

This is my last year of med school. Probably the last year of official schooling I will ever do. And from here on out, as I was telling my mom, I will likely have at most one month of vacation every year and work long hours. Thankfully, I will also go into the most rewarding profession.

Still, I can’t help but feel like I will be “missing out” a bit. To that end, here are some of my goals for my last year!


Read. A lot. — This one was pretty obvious… my biggest hobby is without a doubt reading! I set a goal of 10 books for 2015, and I’ve already more than doubled that. So who knows how many books I can attempt to conquer in the upcoming months. All I can say is I hope to finish at least one, maybe even two, per month until I graduate, which would put me at ~15 books. It seems daunting right now, but I have confidence in myself.

Travel. — My other big hobby, which is unfortunately more expensive (both in money and time). Still, there’s nothing I love more than immersing myself in some place new. Some goals- my friend ES who went with me to Europe before we started med school and I are already planning a two week trip to Japan prior to graduation. I also peripherally discussed exploring Maine with one of my friends here AG. And my family is working on a trip to Nicaragua this winter. That takes up all of my actual vacation days, but maybe I can squeeze in some smaller trips. I already plan on visiting some friends in NYC and Durham in the upcoming month. Here’s to delicious food, amazing views, learning about people and cultures, and some work for my poor camera that has been sitting in the dust.

Purge. — At the end of this school year, I’ll have to probably make another move. It was easy to move across coasts because I knew I could not bring much. This time, I’ve actually bought more things and thus accrued more. Well, I’m not sure where I’ll end up in a year, but I want to start downsizing a bit.

Become a tourist in my town. — Well, I think I’ve done most of the things that my current city offers, but just in case, I’m going to make a bucket list again like I did when I left my college town, and make sure I hit everything before I go!

Establish and maintain good relationships. — A little more nebulous of a goal but just as important as the others. Who knows where we will all end up in a few months, but I know that the friends I’ve made in medical school are friends I want to keep for life, more than just professional colleagues.

Develop good habits. — Follow this: listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast –> coach.me –> wanting to make myself better one habit at a time. Well, if he can start flossing daily and get off of alcohol with this app, maybe I can pick up some good habits too. Right now, I have largely unambitious goals like meditating, not biting my nails, calling my parents. If this works out, I might add some larger goals.

Wrap-up everything at my medical school. — Even though my residency application is in and up in the air now, I have a few other commitments I need to honor before I leave. These include things like crafting the yearbook for my graduating class and getting a very cool research project started. I can’t get TOO checked out before I finish these other promises!

Here’s to making the last year of medical school the best! :)


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